Service manuals, maintenance and spare parts

Advanced Handling has a dedicated in house Service Team providing coverage across the whole of the UK.

Routine Inspections Reduce Downtime

As with any lifting equipment, routine inspections for operational safety ensure your PRONOMIC unit continues to perform and reduces the risk of any downtime.

Repairs and Spares Service

PRONOMIC lifting trolleys are designed to be low maintenance however depending on usage and the environment, repairs or replacement chargers and batteries might be required.

Service Manuals

Our units are supplied with an Operation Manual and Declaration of Conformity and have a serial plate for identification.

Contacting the Service Team

When you contact the Customer Service Team please have the details below ready to help identify and resolve your query as quickly as possible.

  • Unit Model Number
  • Unit Serial Number
  • Year of Manufacture

Upgrades and modifications to existing units

Contact our Customer Service Team who will be able to review your current model and assess your new requirements.

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