Tyres and wheels

Manually lifting and moving vehicle tyres during the day can soon become a task which is physically demanding. In a full time automotive servicing position, an operator or mechanic will be at greater risk of longer term back and upper limb injuries during their career.

To prevent long term manual handling injuries caused by replacing vehicle wheels, a mobile tyre lifting device with battery electric lift and lower removes the strain of lifting and bending. The PRONOMIC Wheel Lifter from the Lift and Drive range has been designed specifically to support this task.

The Wheel Lifter is a modification of the P Model and has offset cylindrical roller forks which help the tyre fix into position. What is different from a standard automotive wheel dolly or tyre lifting device is the PRONOMIC Wheel Lifter has the function to lift and lower the tyre via a hand controller which can be used on the handle of the unit or remotely. This solution removes the need for extra bending which would be required when manually moving the wheel or tyre to a work area to be replaced or repaired.

The Wheel Lifter has been designed with additional features including a low mast height to make sure there is clear visibility and a mast cover to protect vehicle paintwork. There are also tray holders which can be used to store wheel fixings.


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