Lifting Sacks

Lifting sacks presents a difficult to handle item and is a very common manual handling issue in the food and drink sector when packing raw foods, ingredients to catering supplies.

The variation of sack materials including plastic, paper and hessian, their load weight and frequency of handling, for example bulk handling of sacks, are all factors to be considered when identifying suitable handling equipment.

When materials handling equipment is installed and in use lifting sacks becomes much safer and the process more productive. There are a range of solutions to handle sacks and our team are happy to help advise you depending on your load and working environment.

By investing in lifting equipment you will be able to reduce, and in some cases remove, any further long term risks associated with excessive bending and over reaching, protecting your employees and the goods.

Here at Advanced Handling we offer solutions for moving sacks across areas with the PRONOMIC Lift and Drive or for vertical overhead lifting using the MobiCrane and MobiArm.

For heavier loads and bulk handling of sacks please get in touch as we provide further solutions including scissor lift tables (with roller platforms) to mezzanine goods lifts and overhead rail systems for multiple line overhead handling.


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