Handling Reels and Rolls

Handling reels is a common task in commercial services to manufacturing. When considering options on handling reels effectively there are a number of choices which we can help you with.

Where an individual requires an aid to pick up a reel and move it, first consider whether the reel is required to be picked up and gripped from the core or externally.

Handling reels without manipulation

Without Gripping there is the V-Block which allows the reel to be positioned onto the load platform.

Handling reels from the core

From the core for simple loading and unloading of reels there is the boom. This can also be modified or completely customised for example with rollers for easier transfer of reels.

Handling reels with full rotation

For reels which require more complex handling lifting, lowering and full rotation, the Expand&Turn and Squeeze&Turn technology from PRONOMIC grips from the inside/outside to allow full manipulation. With its intelligent technology the unit knows when the reel is securely clamped without damage to the inner/outer reel.

Handling reels and rolls or wrapping and packaging materials has been made easier. Now find out more about different accessories and tooling.


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