Boxes, cartons and containers

The frequency and weight of moving and handling boxes, cartons or containers will influence the type of box handling aids and lifting tooling required that is suitable for the task. It is just as important to have a lifting solution for lightweight boxes that are moved frequently as it is for heavier loads that are moved less frequently.

Manual handling risks increase with frequency of lifting, the load weight, the size and shape of the load and also based on the individual carrying out the task.

With the PRONOMIC Lift and Drive range there are three models which support different maximum loads and a range of standard tools to handle boxes and containers. We also specialise in designing and manufacturing customised tools specific to your application.

PRONOMIC Lift&Drive Models:
P Model: Max 225 kg
IE Model: Max 90 kg
E Model: Max 90 kg

The PRONOMIC MobiCrane and MobiArm with vacuum lifting devices offer a further solution for handling boxes, for example at the end of a production line. The jib crane can be fitted to the wall or floor mounted and the articulated arm provides additional range of movement.

Take a look at the range of box handling aids.


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