Benefits of ergonomic handling solutions in your business

Today organisations focus on creating healthier and happier workplaces as we understand the positive impact this has on employee health and safety and overall productivity within a business.

Repetitive handling of items increases long term injuries and with higher demands and outputs required today, the effect of absenteeism is negatively impacting productivity. The answer for many operations is to review their handling processes and to implement long term solutions.

There is no specified safe working load for manual handling as it is dependent on the:

  • individual/operator
  • environment
  • frequency
  • load weight
  • shape of the load

It is easier to identify manual handling for heavier loads, however lighter loads from 5-10 kg which are required to be lifted more frequently or even repetitively, can have the same long term negative effects on occupational health and productivity.

Ergonomic handling solutions can be applied to a variety of tasks from lifting 5 kg up to 225 kg. For heavier loads over 225 kg please visit Advanced Handling or Contact us.

The PRONOMIC range is centred on delivering lightweight lifting aids and accessories to help your business work smarter, safer, happier and healthier.

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